• Cold Stamping Foil

    Cold Stamping Foil

    Cold foiling is a printing concept relative to hot foiling. Cold foil is a packaging product made by transferring the foil to the printing material using UV adhesive. The cold stamping film does not use a hot template or a hot roller during the entire transfer process, with a large hot stamping area, high speed and high efficiency.

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  • Inklove Transparent Color Dot Hot Stamping Film

    Inklove Transparent Color Dot Hot Stamping Film

    Hot stamping film, also known as anodized aluminum (the name of anodized aluminum is more used in the printing industry), is a hot stamping material made of a film base by coating and vacuum evaporation and adding a layer of metal foil. The thickness of anodized aluminum is generally (12, 16, 18, 20) μm, and the width is 500 to 1500 mm. The anodized aluminum foil is made by coating the release layer, the color layer on the film sheet, and then coating the adhesive layer after vacuum aluminum plating, and finally rewinding the finished product. Domestic anodized aluminum foil is generally 4 to 5 layers.

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