• 355A Rubber Blanket For Offset Printing Machine

    355A Rubber Blanket For Offset Printing Machine

    355A Rubber Blanket is a competitive offset blanket choose for many offset printing factory.355A blanket will be better use for the offset machine which speed less than 10000 times each hour.
    355A offset printing rubber blanket have service more than 100+ countries' offset factory.Rubber blanket is a necessary printing materias of all the offset factories.355A offset rubber blanket will be the good choice.
    Our rubber blanket factory can supply more than 1000 rolls each months,which meet the requirements of the world offset printing factories.

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  • 362 UV Offset Printing Rubber Blanket

    362 UV Offset Printing Rubber Blanket

    UV rubber blanket reproduction will add anti UV resin components, UV resistant, rubber is not easy to powdered.
    UV rubber blanket is specially used for UV offset printing machine.It is suitable for 18000 speed offset printing machine.
    We can provide two kinds of packaging according to the needs of customers, one is one roll one carton ,another one is 1 pcs/carton .

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  • 0.95mm Thickness Self -Adhesive Rubber Blanket

    0.95mm Thickness Self -Adhesive Rubber Blanket

    Ceres Offset self adhesive rubebr blanket is suitable for sheet-fed printing, which is specially designed for the quick commercial printing and package printing. 355 blanket is suitable for machines with speeds of 10000 to 18000.
    It has good performance of Ink transfer. Moreover, it will have a good effect with the dots during the process
    of printing. It is the best choice of the economic and quality balance.

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  • 386A Offset Printing Rubber Blanket

    386A Offset Printing Rubber Blanket

    In the printing process, the rubber blanket plays a role of resisting pressure, and with its strong viscosity, quick recovery force, does not leave any sticking material.
    The unique smooth surface and fabric layer of the offset blanket ensure more stable ink transfer dots or full plate, and provide a stable operation of ink transfer.
    Ceres 386A Offset Printing Blanket use Turkey cloth as based,and using same as Germany rubber blanket making technology to make the offset blanket,which supply good effect of the offset printing.

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