• Inklove Screen Printing Optical Variable Ink Green to Blue

    Inklove Screen Printing Optical Variable Ink Green to Blue

    Optically variable ink is also called optically color-changing ink and chameleon. The printed product color block presents a pair of colors, such as red-green, green-blue, gold-silver and so on. When looking directly or sideways under white light, as the viewing angle of the human eye changes, it presents two different colors. The light change characteristics are strong, the chromatic aberration changes greatly, and the characteristics are obvious.

    It can be recognized without any equipment and the color angle effect is impossible. Reproduced with any high-definition scanner, color copier and other equipment, the printing features cannot be imitated with any other ink and printing method, and the anti-counterfeiting reliability is extremely strong, so it is designated by many countries in the world for the most stringent and difficult requirements. For the anti-counterfeiting of the largest currencies and securities, some well-known manufacturers have also used them for packaging anti-counterfeiting.

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  • Offset UV fluorescent Ink Red Color

    Offset UV fluorescent Ink Red Color

    UV Fluorescent Ink is seen the color under the day light and see fluroescent color under the uv light.We supply Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange,Red,Pink,Magenta ect commom color.We also can customize any kinds of ink as customers' requirements.
    Print Area supply many kinds of security ink for you.

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  • 6 ℃ Colorless to Red Screen Print Temperature Sensitive Ink

    6 ℃ Colorless to Red Screen Print Temperature Sensitive Ink

    The color temperature of the discoloration pigment principle and structure:
    Thermochromic pigments are produced by electron transfer type organic compound systems. Electron transfer organic compounds are a class of organic chromophores with special chemical structures. The molecular structure of the organism changes due to electron transfer at a specific temperature, thereby achieving color conversion. This discoloring material is not only brightly colored but also capable of achieving a color change from a "colored to a colorless" state which is not possessed by the heavy metal double salt complex type and the liquid crystal type reversible thermochromic material.

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  • UV Fluorescent Ink for Offset Printing

    UV Fluorescent Ink for Offset Printing

    UV fluorescent inks are suitable for printing on paper and vinyl films. Since inorganic phosphors emit light from crystals, if the pressure is too high, the crystals can be broken, thereby reducing the brightness of the light. Therefore, relief printing is generally not used, and it is very suitable for screen printing and gravure printing.
    The rheological properties of most UV fluorescent inks are plastic flow and low viscosity. This characteristic determines that the printing process is very different from the printing process of ordinary inks. Before use, the ink roller, ink tank, printing plate and other related parts must be thoroughly washed to avoid mixing with other colors. If conditions permit, it is better to keep special equipment and replace with new ink rollers.

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  • Screen Printing Optical Variable Magnetic Ink

    Screen Printing Optical Variable Magnetic Ink

    Optically variable magnetic ink is more magnetic than optical variable ink, but it was very different.

    When the viewing angle changes, the light and dark of the image in the area will shift, and the effect of flow will occur at the same time, during which the color will gradually change. What it embodies is unique and dynamic.

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  • Screen Security Photochromic Solar Sensitive Ink

    Screen Security Photochromic Solar Sensitive Ink

    Screen Printing Photochromic Ink is wide use in many security area:like security pacakge,UV test card,cloth printing ect.

    Solar sensitive ink are not colorless or without imprinting. On pure white paper, even if completely transparent and colorless varnish is printed, there will be visual differences due to the difference in refraction and reflection coefficients of the paper and varnish, resulting in the difference between oil stains and the brightness of the paper surface. The invisible effect is better in the following situations:

    (1) Printed on rough and absorbent paper;
    (2) Printed next to line text, etc.

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  • Offset Printing Magnetic Ink

    Offset Printing Magnetic Ink

    The magnetic ink uses magnetizable pigments, such as iron oxide black (Fe3O4), iron oxide brown (Fe2O3), and most of these particles are needle-like crystals smaller than 1 μm. After magnetic field treatment, it is easy to achieve magnetic alignment and obtain higher residual magnetism. The ink made after adding to the ink shows magnetism and becomes a magnetic ink. It is widely used in the classification, retrieval and identification of bank notes and postal services. It can be made into magnetic lead printing ink, magnetic offset printing ink and other varieties.

    The ink made of magnetizable materials is selected, and the character code is printed on a certain substrate, and then it can be read by an electronic reading device, such as new bank checks, credit cards, etc.

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  • Screen Printing Laser Ink

    Screen Printing Laser Ink

    Laser ink can be screen printed or rolled on a variety of flat and smooth transparent materials, glass, PET, PC, PMMA, PVC surface screen printing, mainly used for home appliance glass panels, mobile phone panels, home improvement glass sliding doors, PET packaging film, PVC wallpaper , PMMA panel and other surface decoration.

    Silk screen or roll printing inks include: glass laser ink, acrylic laser ink, PET laser ink, PVC laser ink, PC laser ink, roll printing laser ink, silk screen laser ink, anti-counterfeiting ink, etc.

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