• Inklove YF-222 Process Offset Sheeted Ink

    Inklove YF-222 Process Offset Sheeted Ink

    1.Inklove Offset Printing Ink is high gloss and density of color
    2. Fast drying, stability on printing press
    3.Rich layering, good reappearance of half-tones
    4.Water and rub resistance
    5.Conforming to the standards of EN71-3,RoHS
    6.Eco-friendly ink for offset printing,soy based ink,contain more that 25% of soy oil and other plant oil,high technology to make high stability.

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  • High Speed Quick Dry Printing Coldest Offset Rotary Ink

    High Speed Quick Dry Printing Coldest Offset Rotary Ink

    The development level of the printing industry can be said to be a sign of the degree of development of a country or region. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the amount of disseminated information is constantly increasing, and newspaper printing has also developed rapidly. Among them, the three new factors in the newspaper printing industry - high-speed printing, color printing and commercial rotary printing, have greatly affected and promoted the development of rotary offset printing inks. General Situation of Newspaper Printing In recent years, large-scale newspaper groups have been established in many places in China, especially in the developed southeastern regions, and of course in some provinces and cities in the central and western regions. In order to meet the needs of newspapers with strong timeliness and large printing volumes, they have purchased the most advanced printing equipment in the world today, and the printing speed has reached a maximum of 150,000 sheets per hour. Such a high printing speed puts forward higher requirements on the ink properties of the ink, such as viscosity, viscosity, fluidity, drying speed, water resistance, etc.

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    High Quality Offset Sublimation Ink for Cloth

    High Quality Offset Sublimation Ink for Cloth

    Sublimation ink is a thermal transfer ink, this process is to print the ink on the paper and then transferred to the substrate. According to sublimation of dye sublimation of dye-sublimation ink, the ink is sublimated within the substrate, not the surface. In a certain temperature, pressure and time of the circumstances, the ink into the vapor state sublimation transferred from the printing paper onto the fabric (such as: sportswear, non-woven bags, clothing, handicrafts, add layers of metal, etc.) Vapor sublimation diffusion into the interior of the fabric, so as to achieve the purpose of coloring. No impression after printing

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  • YT-902 Jelly Compound Viscosity Reducer

    YT-902 Jelly Compound Viscosity Reducer

    Jelly Compound is a kind of auxiliary ink, mainly used to reduce the viscosity of ink.

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  • YF-6914 Red 032 Pantone Offset Printing Ink

    YF-6914 Red 032 Pantone Offset Printing Ink

    In order to meet customers' requirements,we set up the spot color center to custom made all the pantone color.
    Depend on the nunebr of the international pantone card,we can customizd the color of our customize the color.
    If you have the Pantone offset ink sample paper,you can also send to us,our ink engineer can make 99% like for you.

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  • Offset Sublimation Ink

    Offset Sublimation Ink

    The patterns printed by the offset sublimation transfer process are rich in layers, bright colors, ever-changing, small color difference, good reproducibility, images will not fall off, crack and fade, and are wear-resistant and light-resistant, so sublimation heat transfer products are more durable advantage.
    Excellent ink balance, clear dot restoration, fast complete fixation, and stable on-board. It can achieve the effect of designing patterns and is suitable for mass wholesale production. The transfer process is processed by a heat transfer machine (heat and pressure) to transfer the exquisite pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product. After the formation, the ink layer and the product surface are dissolved into One, lifelike and beautiful, greatly improving the grade of the product. Products that have been maturely developed using thermal transfer technology include: clothes, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mouse pads, coasters, pennants, mirror boxes, etc. hundreds of products.

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    YF-299 Food Grade Offset Ink

    YF-299 Food Grade Offset Ink

    YF-99 food grade offset ink is made by Foshan Yinya Company.High-end quality requires printing books, pictorials, magazines, brochures, food packaging, etc.
    High gloss
    High color density
    Quick dry
    Water and rub resistance

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  • High Gloss Pantone Offset Ink

    High Gloss Pantone Offset Ink

    Pantone Offset Printing Ink is widely used in all kinds of packaging, posters and so on.
    Inklove Offset Printing Ink soybean composition is very high, is a kind of environmental protection, solvent based .ink.Every month we sell 1 ton of pantone spot ink to customers at home and abroad.
    We have our own spot color research center, our factory engineers have more than 20 years of printing experience, if you want to customize the color, you can send your sample or tell us the Pantone number, so we can customize the color you want.

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  • YF-211 Offset Sheet Ink CMYK

    YF-211 Offset Sheet Ink CMYK

    YF-11 Offset Sheet Ink is specially produced for customers who inquiry economical offset printing ink.
    Inklove ink offset printing supply many kinds of package,1kg,2kg or 2.5kg package.
    If you want to customized your own brand lable and wholesale in your local,we also can make for you.

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