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    UV Offset Led Ink Spot Color

    UV Offset Led Ink Spot Color

    With the popularization of technology and market competition, many traditional state-owned enterprises in China; the leading advantage of UVLED ink technology has gradually lost, and the cost advantages of other private enterprises have also revealed their market share. The current situation and development trend of UVLED ink in China are getting better and better. UVLED ink is an ink that can be cured instantly by ultraviolet radiation. The curing time is less than 1 second, and ordinary ink requires a high-energy-consuming drying device, which is very energy-saving. In addition, UVLEDf, Q ink contains pigments, acrylic prepolymers and monomers, photosensitizers and other components, so it is called an ideal non-toxic, non-polluting, energy-saving and environmentally friendly ink in the packaging industry. It is suitable for paper, cardboard, Packaging materials such as metal, glass, aluminum foil, plastic, etc.

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