What is the difference between UV ink and LED-UV ink?


The main difference between UV ink and LED-UV ink is the light source used to cure the ink. UV ink is cured using a mercury vapor lamp, while LED-UV ink is cured using light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Here is a table summarizing the key differences between UV ink and LED-UV ink:

FeatureUV InkLED-UV Ink
Light sourceMercury vapor lampLEDs
Wavelength260-400 nm385-395 nm
Heat productionHighLow
Ozone productionYesNo
VOC emissionsYesNo
Energy consumptionHighLow

UV Ink

LED-UV ink has several advantages over UV ink, including:

  • Efficiency: LED-UV inks are more efficient than UV inks, meaning that they require less energy to cure. This can lead to significant cost savings, especially for large print runs.

  • Heat production: LED-UV inks produce less heat than UV inks, which can be beneficial for certain substrates, such as heat-sensitive plastics.

  • Ozone production: LED-UV inks do not produce ozone, which is a harmful gas. This makes LED-UV printing a more environmentally friendly option.

  • VOC emissions: LED-UV inks do not emit VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds that can contribute to air pollution. This makes LED-UV printing a healthier option for both printers and consumers.


However, LED-UV inks are also more expensive than UV inks. This is because the LED curing technology is more recent and therefore more expensive to develop. However, the cost of LED-UV inks is expected to come down as the technology becomes more widespread.

UV Offset Ink

Overall, LED-UV ink is a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and healthier option than UV ink. However, it is also more expensive. The best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

UV Ink

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